Bento Box

What is a bento box? You may have heard of it before. It is a Japanese meal tradition dating back a millennium. The boxes were derived from compartmentalized farmers’ seed boxes and used for lunches up to a thousand years ago. Today, the idea of a bento gohan, or bento meal, has evolved from its utilitarian roots and is often intricately crafted and aesthetically pleasing.

So, what in the world does a bento box have to do with a blog about modern home design? Well, nothing on the surface. Like modern home design, bento boxes are seemingly simple and unadorned but, are, in fact, meticulously curated, crafted, and assembled. In Japan, it is said you eat with your eyes. Aesthetics and content are equal in importance. There is a balance in the crafting so your eyes and senses can feast.

For the purposes of this blog, the bento not only represents the convenient bite-size format, but the well-balanced variety of interests that we will share. So you bring the tea and we’ll bring the gohan and we’ll see you here every Monday at lunch with something new.