Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban or Yaki Sugi is a Japanese wood preservation technique for exterior siding. Traditionally using Japanese red cedar (sugi), the surface of the wood plank is charred with fire to a rich charcoal black. It is then cooled down, brushed clean, and treated with oil. Newer adaptations of the technique have introduced different wood species and vibrant color for a greater variety and application perfect for a modern house design.

Not only is the finish of Shou Sugi Ban uniquely beautiful, the charring technique also has several benefits for siding for your contemporary house. The carbonization of the burn makes the planks waterproof, insect repellent, and fire resistant. That means no additional chemical preservatives, stains, or treatments are needed for your Shou Sugi Ban siding to last a lifetime. After all, a resilient and long-lasting space can also reduce necessary maintenance costs and environmental impact. Modern architects, modern builders, and modern designers love Shou Sugi Ban for these properties but also for its variety and adaptability of application.

For modern and contemporary home design, this material is not only complementary of the aesthetic of your space, but is a material that will last and that is healthier for you and the environment.