Tech Highlight: Flo by Moen

Has this happened to you? You go on vacation and have a wonderful relaxing time, expecting to come home to your house as you left it, only to discover that a pipe had burst while you were away, the ceiling has collapsed and there’s water all over your carpet or that the basement is now your personal indoor swimming pool. There was no way to know about the leaks while you were away and no way to do anything about them if you did. So much for being relaxed.

But, advances in modern smart home technology have led to new water watching devices. Modern builders have been incorporating smarter and more efficient technology into today’s modern homes. Flo by Moen is the latest and most advanced of those on the market. Flo will monitor water usage by running daily efficiency diagnostics. It learns your household water usage patterns to more easily detect leaks and sends alerts to your phone via the coordinating app when it does. Flo by Moen’s Microleak technology can identify the smallest drops of water leaking. This is essential to preventing not only rising water bills, but potential catastrophic future leaks.

Flo by Moen helps to save water and money by encouraging water conservation goals. The Dashboard and Control Panel on the Flo app will allow you to see monitor water usage and set goals to reduce waste. This efficiency will be reflected in your water bills. Coupled with an energy efficient contemporary home, this could give you a significant reduction in your monthly utilities. You could also save money on home owner’s insurance premiums as some insurance companies offer rebates and discounts for installing water monitoring technology.

Flo by Moen also allows water to be turned on and off remotely via the app and will turn off automatically if a major leak is detected. This would have saved you from that water damage reveal at the end of your vacation. Once Flo detected a leak, either you would have turned off the water to the house preventing further damage or Flo would turn it off for you. Flo is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can control your smart devices from one convenient hub.

The number one preventable cause for homeowner’s claims in the US each year is water damage. A good modern architect will help you to design an efficient and well monitored home and will embrace the latest tested and effective technology. Constant monitoring is important to maintain healthy plumbing and Flo by Moen is an effective and convenient means by which to accomplish it.